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“Your guilt will be your past, and that will be your god.”

I am white trash; I just had popcorn for lunch

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  1. 3 hottest guys in anime world I really don’t wanna answer this but oh well. I guess Tensa Zangetsu(the younger Juha Bach) from Bleach, Shinsuke Takasugi from Gintama and and Older Fon from Hitman Reborn? Idk, I’m not a girl so I’m not sure what the correct answer is.
  2. what is your perfect landscape? Rolling hills and forest with scattered trees in autumn with the colourful leaves
  3. favourite season? Spring 
  4. do you do any sports? The sport of sitting
  5. tea or coffee? Tea
  6. last anime you watched Gintama
  7. any recommends (anime or manga)? Durarara!!, Gintama, XxxHOLiC
  8. favourite pokemon? Celebi
  9. thoughts on snow xD Its nice to look at but I hate being out in it. Ireland is cold as it is
  10. least favourite colour? Hot pink
  11. train or bus? :D Trains

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I can’t really think of any questions and I don’t have 11 friends that I could tag anyways, sorry.

Just finished the Baragaki arc of Gintama. Wow that was an amazing ending.